Natural Burial Grounds

 Natural Burial Grounds in Ireland 

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Our sister company "The Green Graveyard Company" are in the process of opening / trying to open a number of Natural Burial Grounds or Green Graveyards in Ireland.

Woodland Burial

In Oct 2010 we opened Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground. It became Ireland's first "Natural Burial Ground". Woodbrook is situated on the Carlow / Wexford border. It is being used by families from all over Ireland. 

Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground May 2019

What is a Natural Burial Ground or Green Graveyard

In it's most simplistic form a NBG is a graveyard where the land has a second use as a living, developing and natural nature reserve / woodland. Gone are the marble headstones and concrete surrounds that are common place in other Irish burial grounds, replaced instead by a small simple grave marker and the planting of a native Irish tree or sowing of wildflower seed.

pathwayVisitors will be able to walk along the pathways surrounded by nature, spotting wildlife in their newly created habitats. These natural burial grounds will be sacred and natural places. People of all faiths and those without any religion will find a beautiful resting place.

In choosing a natural or green burial you will be creating, conserving and sustaining native Irish woodland / wildflower meadow.

It is a gift that will keep on giving to future generations.

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Why Natural Burial?

Why Choose Natural Burial as opposed to cremation or traditional burial?

There is a lot of misinformation about the “greenest” most “environmentally beneficial choices” we could take in death.

Below is a quick table of some of the issues you may wish to consider when choosing between cremation, traditional burial or natural burial.

Cremation vs Traditional Burial vs Natural Burial800

Funeral Plans (Coming Soon)

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